Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The leftovers

It was a good Thanksgiving weekend. Here are a few bits and pieces for you:

The dinner was delicious, everyone was happy to be there, the apartment looked as good as it ever has, and the only one who broke something was me. I whacked the stem off a wine glass in my left hand with a can of whip cream while vigorously shaking with in my right hand. The whip cream was meant for the pumpkin pie that everyone was too full to eat.

From left: the bird, baby Ivo, Thorsten and me with potatoes

The Pilgrims won the Puten Bowl yet again.

Pilgrims planning their offense
Pilgrims and Indians make peace and get ready to party together
Little Juno is already an American football fan

And then there was a party. A really good party. And lots of turkey sandwiches.
Even with all the cleaning up, I was very thankful.

Were there leftovers at the first Thanksgiving? There was not a 22 pound Butterball or cranberry sauce from a can, but maybe they had a few bits of venison and some squash to spare. Venison pot pie is probably delicious.

I don't get political too often on this blog, but I can't pass up this one:

And that's a wrap of Thanksgiving. Advent has begun and the Christmas markets are open. Time to ditch the pumpkins, unpack the stockings, and eat the last few slices of pumpkin pie. I promise to be careful with the can of whip cream.

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