Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wind socks, tetris, and antlers

Put on your pith helmets, the photo safari continues.

At Aegidientorplatz, one of the busiest intersections in town and one that's hard to avoid when heading into town from our place, you'll see this work of art in the median:

It's a series of spotted poles topped with stiff sort of wind socks that rotate in the breeze. I would assume the wind socks were white at one time but now they are a dingy grayish brown, probably because of the auto exhaust. The poles look like their white paint has been strategically chipped off in places, reminding me of a dairy cow's spots. I like there's not just concrete in the middle of the road, and that it's a work of art that moves, but it just doesn't move me.

Neither does this one, also at Aegidientorplatz, near the tram station:

Maybe it's supposed to be a gateway or an entrance. After all, the ancient city wall was near this spot.
To me it looks ike someone was playing a giant game of Tetris and lost a couple of pieces along the way. But this one I do really like:

Man with Deer by Stephan Balkenhol   
On the pedestrian shopping street, right by the department stores and the kebab shops, stands a buck with a man sitting on his antlers. I like how fragile he seems, cradled in this huge animal's headgear. I like the urban-ness of his business attire against the wild-ness of the bucks's fur. I also wonder how it would feel to take a ride around Hannover like that.

Plus, when you are on a safari, it's good to see the wildlife.

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