Saturday, September 10, 2011

Our neighborhood

The neighborhood where we live in Hannover is call Sudstadt (South city).  It's a more urban setting than we've lived in before and we are really liking it.  There are two groceries stores in walking distance, as well as restaurants, at least three bakeries, a dry cleaners and two bike shops.  Across the street is an Indian restaurant , where we have gotten friendly with the owner and convinced him to make our food more spicy than they make it for the Germans. Brian found a cigar store to visit regularly and is on good terms with the owner.  This is important because we mailed the humidor from St Paul a month ago and it somehow never arrived here and is probably being enjoyed by a customs agent somewhere. There's a tram stop (subway system) just two blocks away that will get us pretty much anywhere in the metropolitan area, at any time of day. And it's a 10 minute bike ride or 25 minute walk to Brian's school.  So we are in a great spot!

The landlady is supposed to be coming by today. We have never met her and are not sure if she speaks any English. Maybe I will try my very basic German on her (something like "Guten Tag, Danke, Tschuss). Should be interesting.

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