Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Why the title?

Hannover, and over again (other than sounding catchy) is a name I picked because it seemed appropriate to our first month in Germany. Like the clothes that we packed in July before our shipment left Saint Paul. We are wearing them over and over again because the shipment has not arrived yet. Apparently it lands in England today, but who knows when it will land on our doorstep. We continue to nag Beltmann movers about it.

My ATM card is a problem that is happening over and over again too. The first one died because the magnetic strip was damaged. I later learned that this was because there's a little magnet in my wallet to make it close. When the bank teller ordered another one she told me (in English, fortunately) that the PIN number for the new card would be the same. When I tried to get cash with it the machine ate the card. So I have ordered yet another. The PIN number arrives separately in the mail 4 days after the card and I have promised not to use it until I get that number.

Going to IKEA seems to happen over and over again too. That one deserves its own post later on.

So I figure that if we just keep trying, maybe more times than we'd planned, we will keep making progress.

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