Saturday, September 17, 2011


Now that we have had a few weekends here in Hannover, I am figuring out how they will be different here than back home. Here are a few reasons why:

Yard work - We don't have a yard. So there's none to do. It's not really good or bad because I don't mind digging in the dirt and raking a few million leaves. It's just different. I do miss a little being able to walk out the back door into our garden.

Groceries - There is no big weekly grocery shopping trip here for a few reasons. We don't have a car so I can only buy as much as I can carry. I'm not working Mon-Fri really so I can go to the store any day I like. And food here seems to come in smaller quantities, meaning I shop 3 or 4 times a week instead of once.

Laundry - Brian's big laundry Sunday has now been replaced by 2 or 3 laundry days per week. The washer is not very big and we can only dry 2 loads at a time on the drying rack. It has also gone from being Brian's job to my job, though he is better at folding than I am and helps with that sometimes.

Cleaning - It takes about half the time to clean our apartment as it did our house. Plus I can clean during the week if I want to - it doesn't need to take up half of Sunday.

Church - We found a church not far from our place, so that's easy. Understanding the Mass in German is a little harder. But since it's the same service in any language we have a general idea of what's going on and when to sit, stand, kneel, and repeat.

Newspapers - They have lots of them in German. We read the news online instead.

Bike rides - We haven't done too many, but now that I have a good route figured out and Brian's bike stopped its incessant squeaking we will probably ride more in the near future.

So that is the report for today. Schones Wochenende!

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