Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hannover Indians hockey

On Friday night we went to the Hannover Indians game with some of Brian's teacher pals. One of them is a former player and coach for the Indians (he's Canadian). Hannover has three professional hockey teams, the Scorpions, the Indians, and the Braves.

We had been to the Scorpions game about a month ago because Brian got some free tickets from a coworker (she got them because she opened a new checking account). The Scorpions play at Tui Arena, which is a big stadium near the expo center. It's large and clean and has plush seats and bright lights, and the concourse feels a little like an airport. The arena was a little over half full.We had a good time there and didn't really know any better.

Then we went to the Indians game. They play in an arena that has a roof and two walls but is open on either side. It's all standing room except for about a hundred seats. The place was smaller, packed, loud, a little dirty and the beer was cheap. Way more fun.

A lot of the players on both the Scorpions and Indians are either ex-NHL players or former college hockey players that didn't quite get into the NHL. Others, of course, are from various places in Europe. I am sure that once I learn more about hockey I can tell you how the quality of play is. It's on my list of things to learn about, in addition to the German language, the Hannover bus system, more European history, how to make my own tortillas, and what are good substitutes for crisco and chocolate chips. Here are some photos from the game:

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