Monday, October 3, 2011

Oktoberfest Hannover

It's been a good weekend. Today is a national holiday to celebrate reunification day - when East and West Germany were reunited after the Berlin Wall came down.

After the cross country meet in Berlin Saturday, Brian and I have gone on two great long bike rides. The weather has been fantastic, and we went to Hannover's Oktoberfest yesterday to check it out. So you have probably heard about Munich's Oktoberfest - a world famous party, lederhosen, sausage, beer by the liter, etc. Hannover's Oktoberfest is more like the county fair. There are a bunch of rides for kids, a ferris wheel, carnival games, etc. But they definitely do the beer and sausage there. We decided to try them, as a cultural experience of course. Then all of a sudden it was two liters later and most of the afternoon had gone by!
Here is some of the photo evidence:

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