Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm almost a C- list celebrity!

Yesterday I met up at the Maschsee (the big lake in Hannover) with new-found friends Kaska, Renee, and Renee's little dog Finnegan. It was a sunny fall day and we took a stroll down one side of the lake, then stopped at a little snack bar to have something warm to drink. Then this attractive guy with a camera approached us and started talking to us in German (to Kaska really, she is the only one that understood). I caught something about it being a beautiful Sunday but didn't really know what he was talking about. When Kaska started telling us in English that he was from the paper and wanted to take our photo by the water, he chimed in with perfect English and proceeded to tell us that he had lived for five years in Sioux City. Sioux City,  I asked? I am used to people saying they had visited New York or Miami but this was a new one. "That's real America," I told him.

So we walked over to this pier where he had us sit and pose like we were having a picnic. Of course this was the one day (ok maybe not the only day) that I hadn't showered or done my hair and until recently was wearing a baseball cap. Oh well. As the photographer was crouching down at the other side of the pier to take the photo, PLOP - his car keys fell into the lake. He proceeded to swear up a storm in both English and German, and send his reporter sidekick into the rowing club to find a net. The Maschsee is not very deep, but I wasn't sure the net would work. Anyway, he took the photo and told us we could go. Maybe he didn't want to have spectators as he attempted to fish the keys out of the water.

The good-looking photographer emailed Kaska the photo and told her that he had to jump in the water (brrr) to get the keys out!

The photo is on page 3 of Bild, which is sort of like the daily tabloid paper. It's in a little blurb about how yesterday was a frosty morning followed by a warm afternoon.

So far no one has stopped me on the street to say that they recognized me...

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